A Beginner’s Guide To Strengthen Your Handle!

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With today’s workout we focus on drills that will strengthen your handle and overall stability in your ball handling skills. We focus on A LOT OF REPS! 

Ball Wraps – See How Quickly You Can Do 40 Reps. (2x)

Weak Hand Single Leg – 1 Minute Of Reps (2x)

Finger Tip Dribbles – 1 Minute Of Reps (2x)

Figure 8 Dribbles – 1 Minute Of Reps (2x)

BONUS – 2 Ball Punches – 1 Minute Of Reps (3x) – FINISH STRONG!

Stationary Ball Wraps

Weak Hand Single Leg Dribbles

Finger Tip Dribbles

Figure 8 Dribbling

BONUS (If You Have 2 Basketballs)

Two Ball Punches