Nothing But Floaters Workout!

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In this workout we’ll get you working your “Float Game” With A Series Of Different Floaters in different game situations! Let’s WORK!

With This First Drill, You’ll Train Like The Pros and work your turn dribble into your floater. Make 25

PRO WORK – Turn Dribble Floaters

For this floater drill, we’re going to work on floaters in game situations you’d not expect! The Right Right Floater will get you comfortable doing your floater off your right foot right hand. Make 25

Right Hand Right Foot Floaters

Baseline Attack Floaters Will Allow You To Gain Touch With Your Floaters From The Baseline. Make 15 Each Baseline. 

Baseline Attack Floaters

We bring the pros back and incorporate more moves into our floater! Add the euro step into floater to your BAG! Make 25

PRO WORK – Euro Inside Hand Floater (No Dribble)

CHALLENGE – Swish Floaters. Can you make 5/7 swishes! If you’re not sure if it was a swish.. IT WASN’T! Record this one and tag us on ig @HoopDynamic

Challenge Of The Week: Swish Floaters