No Hoop? No Problem! (Ball Handling Workout)

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Cheers! Here’s a great workout to do if you don’t have a gym or a hoop to use! We understand everyone is going through a weird time! Here’s some of our favorite stationary ball handling drills!

Workout- Ball Handling

Pocket Exchanges with Cone 

REPS: 3 Sets ( 30 Reps Each Set) 

Pocket Exchanges With Cone

 Punch Through In and Out Cross Pace Breakdown 

REPS: 3 Sets ( 20 Reps Each Set)

Punch Through In & Out Cross

Figure 8 Dribbling 

REPS: 2 Sets ( 1 Set = 10 Each Way)

Figure 8 Dribbling | Beginner Ball Handling #3

Stationary Cross Jab

REPS: 3 Sets ( 20 Reps)

Stationary Cross Jabs

Load Steps (Footwork) Advanced!

REPS: 3 Sets (8 Reps Each Way = 1 Set)

Load Step Series

Pre Game Ball Handling ( Use your own space with this, space dictates how tight your change of directions are) 

REPS: 3 Sets (20 Reps Stationary / 20 on the move)

Pre-Game Ball Handling Drill

3-2-1 Ball Shifts 

REPS: 2 Set (20 Total Each Set)

3-2-1 Ball Shifts

Pocket Dribble Through Exchange (Two Ball) 

REPS: 2 Sets (25 Each Set) 

Two Ball Drill – Pocket Dribble With Through Exchange