Scoring With Quick Decision Making Workout

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Tyler Relph preaches that all players need to be able to Score And Finish! Here’s a workout that helps our players prepare to score and finish more consistently.

Here’s a finishing warm-up to focus on touch before we get into our workout. Make 20

Floater Touch Warm Up Drill (Off A Cross Jab)


Baseline Attack Floaters – Being Able To Attack Baseline And Making A Quick Decision is vital! We’ll start your workout with touch, attacking the baseline. Make 20 floaters attacking each baseline.

Baseline Attack Floaters


One of Tyler’s favorite drills with his NBA players is the dribble pick-up. Being able to shoot quicker and in more unpredictable situations will allow you become a better shooter. Make 20 

Dribble Pick Ups With Tyler Relph


An off the catch dribble pick-up is a game situational drill we will work on to increase our ability to shoot quickly in more in-game situations. Make 20

Off The Catch Dribble Pick-Ups

4 Minute Shooting Drill will be our final drill. We preach incorporating shooting and conditioning TOGETHER. If you don’t have rebounder, adjust the drill to do “random spin out” shooting. Get your rebound and re locate to the closest shooting spot for you and continue to stay moving. After 4 minutes, count your makes and set a baseline to compete against yourself.

4 Minute Shooting Drill – Julius Randle