Shooting On The Move Workout

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This workout gets our players making shots off the dribble and the move! Adding the ability to shoot in more ways than just a catch and shoot will elevate your game. The reps breakdowns are below.

Split Through & Lift Shooting – Make 20 Attacking Right Elbow & Make 20 Attacking Left Elbow

Quick Dribble Pick-Ups – Top Of The Key Attack, Make 20

Punch Drag Drop Drill – Make 15 Shots attacking into space.

Snake Dribble Shooting – Make 20 Shots

Game Situational Shooting – Make 10 Perfect Sets. (2 Makes In A Set)


Split Through & Lift Shooting

Quick Dribble Pick-Ups

Punch Drag Drop 2 Dribble 4 Step Shooting

Snake Dribble Shooting | CHRIS PAUL DOES THIS!

2 Shot Game Situational Shooting Drill