TEST YOUR SKILLS: Beginner Split Series Workout

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Hey Hoop Dynamic Family! Today we’re incorporating a “test your skills workout” these are hand picked drills that I have picked out for our Beginner & Level 1 Hoopers. Whether you are K-5 or simply new to the game, here’s a workout that tests you and gives you a chance to see how you’ve continued to grow as a basketball player! No stress if you can’t do them all, but I do want you to try this workout weekly and track your progress.


  1. Turn Dribble Exchanges – (Warm-Up)
  2. Split Series
    1. Stationary Split (20 Reps – 3 Sets)
    2. Split Series On The Move (20 Throughs – 3 Sets)
    3. Split Pick Up (Make 10 From Each Elbow)
    4. Split Pull-Up (20 Going Right & 20 Going Left)
  3. Ball Handling Challenge – Exchange Taps Challenge

Turn Dribble Exchanges

Split Series (Stationary #1)

Split Series (On The Move #3)

Split Series (Pick-Ups #2)

Split Series (Pull-Ups #4)

Exchange Taps Ball Handling Challenge