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In this series we break down the Cross Jab For Our Youth & Beginner Players. The Goal Of These Drills Is To Focus On The Details before increasing the speed.

While We Teach This Drill With Our Youth 3rd-5th grade, the cross jab is used by the most elite NBA players. This drill is great for any age and skill level to start to incorporate the cross jab into their game.

Cross Jab Teaching Drill


This Cross Jab Drill Works Going Back & Forth With Both Directions Of The Cross Jab

(YOUTH/BEGINNER) Cross Jab Drill – Both Direction Jab

This Cross Jab Drill Gets Our Players On The Move With A Cross Jab Combo!

Cross Jab – Punch Dribble – Double Cross Finish

(YOUTH/BEGINNER) Cross Jab Combo – Cross Jab Punch Double Cross

Our Final Cross Jab Combo attacks the (lift/drop) footwork and attack into a shot.

YOUTH/BEGINNER Cross Jab Combo – Lift Drop Footwork