3 Footworks You Should Work On EVERYDAY!

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Here are 3 of Tyler’s favorite footwork breakdowns that you should work on everyday. These are the beginner breakdowns but they are detailed and perfect for every level.

  1. The Cross Jab Breakdown – Our favorite mis-direction. You can be a nightmare in transition or attacking down hill with this footwork in your skill set.

BEGINNER Cross Jab Breakdown

2. The Split Series – So much you can do from a split footwork. Split into pull ups, split into attack, split into a quick dribble pick up. This is a versatile footwork we want you to master.

Split Series (Stationary #1)

2. The Foot Switch – The foot switch is KEY for maintaining space and getting your defender on their heels. This you can shoot the pull-up off this or attack your defender being off balance.

FOOTWORK LAB: Foot-Switch (Stationary) #1