Finishing Like Pros & Mid-Range Workout

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Train like the Pros do with this finishing and mid-range workout. We start with floaters, add our mid-range series, and finish with Ball handling!


Turn Dribble Floaters – Make 15 With Dominant Hand and 15 With Off Hand

Right Foot Right Hand Floaters – Make 15 Each Side Of Basket

Euro Step Inside Hand Floaters – Make 15 Right Hand Make 15 Left Hand

Mid Range Shooting Series – Follow Directions On Video


Scissor Dribble Series – Do Each Drill In Video Twice



PRO WORK – Turn Dribble Floaters

PRO WORK – Right Foot Right Hand Floater (1 Dribble)

PRO WORK – Euro Inside Hand Floater (No Dribble)

Mid-Range Shooting Series (3 Drills)

Scissor Dribble Ball Handling Series