LEVEL 1 Ball Handling Curriculum

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Perfect For Youth Grades K-5th

Today we introduce our Youth Ball Handling Curriculum. This is Level 1. With these 5 drills we challenge our players to work through daily and get better and more consistent within these drills. Tyler and his team are eager to see your progress! Send in videos of these 5 drills to info@hoopdynamic.com and have our team evaluate and PASS you onto level 2. If we pass you, you will receive an online certificate and we will invite you to try level 2. (We will drop level 2 soon). While there’s no right or wrong here, if we don’t suggest level 2 we will send you some feedback on what you should continue working on! Send videos as often as possible to get a chance at a PASS! Good luck and happy training. Here’s the workout below!

Level 1 Youth Ball Handling Curriculum

Stationary V-Dribbles – 20 Reps With Your Right Hand / 20 Reps With Your Left Hand

Stationary V-Dribble Cross – 2 Sets Of 20 Reps

Pound Dribble V-Through The Legs – 2 Sets Of 20 Reps

V-Through Cross – 2 Sets (10 Going Right Hand / 10 Going Left Hand)

Pound Dribble V-Double Cross – 2 Sets (10 Going Right Hand / 10 Going Left Hand)