Tyler’s Cross Jab Workout

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Here’s a workout Tyler Relph crafted that helps players of all levels add the cross jab to their game. This is Tyler’s favorite footwork and works on it with every level of player including his NBA players!

3-2-1 Ball Shifts – 3 Sets Of 30 Second Reps

Cross Jab Teaching Drill – 50 Reps Going Each Direction (Switch Directions And Hand That Touches Wall)

Cross Jab Punch Game Situation – Two Sets Of 10 Makes Going Each Direction (20 Total)

Cross Jab Combo – Make 20

Flow & Dip Shooting – Make 50


3-2-1 Ball Shifts

Cross Jab Teaching Drill

BEGINNER Cross Jab Punch Game Situational Move

YOUTH/BEGINNER Cross Jab Combo – Lift Drop Footwork

Flow and Dip Shooting